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Get vaxxed!

You're also wondering how your favorite pastime will continue, aren't you?

And by that we don't mean chomping off 18 seasons of a show while you're elbow-deep in 4-cheese pizza and absent-mindedly scrolling through TikTok. We mean this-listening-to-music-at-inhuman-volume-and-dancing-like-a-dulli-as-if-no-one-knows-you. That sweaty-another-beer-after-the-concert-drink. That flashed-walking-home after the show or the theater while the stars twinkle down on you. This so-loud-you-can-yell-along-your-favorite-lines-while-lying-in-your-arms-with-people-who-know-the-text-as-by-heart-as-you-do. Well, you know what we're getting at.

Well, we have bad news for you right now. At the moment, only just under 60% of Germans are fully vaccinated, so there is still a damn long way to go before the herd immunity that scientists consider essential (>85% fully vaccinated). Before we reach this value, we can probably simply cancel concert, club and theater visits under normal conditions. Is it like that? And now the even worse news for us: if it takes longer, that's it for us. And when we say "us", we don't just mean us as organizers, but also for stage workers, construction workers, stagehands, caterers and last but not least artists.
We know you've heard this a thousand times now. The difference is that this time you can actually do something so that the people who give you these experiences that you miss so much don't fuck up. You can go get vaccinated. super easy The stuff is there. If your grandma can do it, then so can you.

The whole Hurricane crew is ready to put another festival in front of you. Now it's up to you that culture can take place again! We count on you.