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True diversity in music begins with the promotion of innovative talent. There are enough of them, but not all of them are listened to enough. That's why we deliberately created a contest for FLINTA* acts with GAMECHANGER, because for us effective promotion of young talent is the most sustainable way to a truly diverse music landscape and thus more balanced line-ups. As one of Germany's biggest festivals, we want to live up to our responsibility and do our part to contribute to a vibrant and diverse music culture: To this end, we give young talents a stage - and the attention they deserve.

We have a winner!

Change the game! You voted: the winner of our Gamechanger Contest is the songwriter MILLE from Berlin. Congratulations! 
Sometimes you just want to watch the raindrops run down the window pane, listen to the melancholy and let your own feelings run free. Mille writes her songs for precisely these moments. The singer from Berlin shapes indie pop into emotional, profound and incredibly loving stories. With her voice, she artistically paints musical graffiti on concrete in a major German city. A work of art that can tell a story and touch you. Personal, poppy and at the same time with the necessary punk, mille touches without a lot of frills.