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28 new acts confirmed for Hurricane 2024!

Hurricane Wrapped: Your trusted streaming service recently provided you with a juicy recap of what has stuck with you musically this year. We have some pretty hot tips about what will eat through your ears and into your brain in 2024 at the camp, mosh pit, after-show party or on the car ride to the Eichenring. And as a small gift on top there is also the entire daily distribution!

Our line-up is growing further: Deichkind joins the headliner squad with Ed Sheeran, K.I.Z, Bring Me The Horizon and Avril Lavigne. A total of 28 new acts have announced themselves for Hurricane 2024.

Eloquent escalation: Deichkind have been shaping the style of contemporary German culture for several decades. The Hamburg based band effortlessly combines hip-hop and electro to create a sound that is theirs alone. Musical innovation is accompanied by lyrics whose hedonistic nature deliberately has holes that allow us to look deep into the abyss. Deichkind have been holding the disco ball in front of the faces of several generations with a wink, and their album “Neues vom Dauerzustand“”, released in 2023, is no exception in this regard. But fans who are simply looking for a good time can also look forward to it: Deichkind consistently perform live as if there was no tomorrow.

“Well, where did this suddenly come from?” echoed through large parts of the music establishment in 2023. At this point, Ayliva had already been making a name for herself on social media for years and, thanks to her talent, had secured a major deal with two acclaimed albums. After viral successes, chart tops and streaming records, it is clear: Ayliva is the voice that German music has been looking for for a long time - and you can find her at festivals exclusively at Hurricane and Southside in 2024.

With Turnstile, we have a band flying across the pond whose sound is difficult to grasp in the most positive way: The formation from Baltimore makes hardcore punk, but so precisely and to the point that their powerful sound not only earned three Grammy nominations, but also suitable for extremely creative jazz crossovers. Since 2010, the quartet has continued to surprise, and at the same time their fans know exactly what they are getting live: an energetic combination of hardcore punk and melodic hardcore that seemingly effortlessly belies the complexity of their music.

The following music greats have also been confirmed: Idles, Feine Sahne Fischfilet, Tom Odell, Bombay Bicycle Club, Silverstein and Danko Jones. The Subways, Noga Erez, Fatoni, Paula Carolina, Me First & The Gimme Gimmes and Karpe have also announced their participation. With Enno Bunger, Adam Angst, Stella Bossi, Idkhow, The Last Dinner Party and Booka Shade, there are other guarantees for great live shows. Buntspecht, Ritter Lean, Becky Hill, Fast Boy, The Reytons and Aaron will also delight their audience. And of course the #HURRICANESWIMTEAM will open the festival weekend once again.

When we look at it like that, we can't wait for June - it's going to be a CELEBRATION!

We are looking forward to a fantastic festival with you – get your tickets here!