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You shall Pass!


Festival Pass Regular

Your ticket for the entire festival weekend with access to the event grounds and the regular camping site.
Bring your own tent! With your festival wristband, you can visit and leave the site at your leisure within the festival hours. A security check will be required each time you enter.

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Day Pass

Your ticket for a festival day with access to the event site (not to the campsite) for one specific festival day chosen by you in advance.
With your festival wristband, you may visit and leave the festival as you wish on your chosen day within the event times. A security check is required each time you enter.
Day parking is available for a fee of €10.00 per day and is limited.

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Already purchased a Festival Pass but want to expand your festival experience? Then check out our many different upgrade options.

Special Camping Special Experience

Festival Pass Hurricane Park

Like the regular festival pass, but with the added camping area: you have access to our Hurricane Park and can find your campsite in the “green oasis” (Bring your own tent).

Our Hurricane Park – Philosophy:

Peace and Quiet
Loud voices are taboo here as are noisy souvenirs from the fan mile or booming music players. Cheerful conversation and music making should happen here at noise levels that are tolerable for the neighbors' camp.

No litter
In the Hurricane Park the detritus of wealth should not litter the place, but should instead be thrown into the intended containers, which are sufficient in number.

This is important in all spheres of life anyway but should be emphasized once again: The festival should be as pleasant as possible for all who attend. 

Any gross infringements of the prevailing philosophy will lead to offenders losing their access rights, and they will then be redirected to the regular campsite.